Tim Hardy

Writer, facilitator and sometime activist with a special interest in the political and cultural consequences of new technology.

In recent years, I’ve been involved with various movements and organisations, notably UK Uncut and Sukey. I've also worked with Arts Against Cuts, Disabled People Against Cuts, Occupy London and the Open Rights Group. I am a signer of the Declaration of Internet Freedom and a Global Fellow at the Project for the Study of the 21st Century.

I practise meditation and help organise and regularly facilitate at a peer-led sitting group in central London.

About a decade ago I followed my curiosity and changed careers from journalism to software engineering. After several years at the code face, I returned to writing. I now work as a technical author and scrum master for a small software company in the UK.

If you're looking at this, you probably have my contact details already. If not, you can email me at tim@beyondclicktivism.com. I blog infrequently here.

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